Activity Complex Description - Data type

Definition: Additional information about an activity complex, including its description, address, contact and related parties.

Package: Activity Complex



Definition: A complementary definition of the ?ctivity Complex?and its characteristics.

Description: NOTE Free text to include or refer any complementary information about the Activity Complex or its characteristics.

Multiplicity: 0...1

Stereotypes: voidable

Valuetype: PT_FreeText


Definition: An address for the activity complex, i.e., an address where the activities occur.

Multiplicity: 0...1

Stereotypes: voidable

Valuetype: AddressRepresentation


Definition: Contact information for the activity complex.

Multiplicity: 0...1

Stereotypes: voidable

Valuetype: Contact

related Party

Definition: Information on Parties related to the Activity Complex. It is open to many different roles, such as owners, operators or Competent Authorities.

Description: NOTE 1 The term covers concepts described on the legislation such as Operator, Company, Port Authority, Agent, Holder, Collector, Producer, Competent Authority or Keeper.

Multiplicity: 0...*

Stereotypes: voidable

Valuetype: RelatedParty

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