Fossil Fuel Measure - Data type

Definition: Amount of resources according to the specific categorisation.

INSPIRE Data Theme: Energy Resources - [INSPIRE Data Theme Energy Resources]

INSPIRE Application schema: Energy Resources Vector - [INSPIRE Application schema Energy Resources Vector]


Definition: Amount of resource present in the spatial object.

Description: NOTE the unit of measure to be used is standard m?for natural gas assuming reference gas conditions (15?C; 101,325 kPa) and 10?to
es for solid fossil fuels and oil.

Multiplicity: 1

Valuetype: Measure

Definition: Date on which the resource was quantified.

Multiplicity: 1

Valuetype: TM_Position

Definition: Category indicating the different confidence levels of fossil fuel resources for distinguishing real from potential or expected amount of fossil fuels.

Description: A particular class within the classification framework.

Multiplicity: 1

Valuetype: FossilFuelClassValue

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