Exploration Activity - Spatial object type

Definition: A period of exploration activity.

INSPIRE Data Theme: Mineral Resources - [INSPIRE Data Theme Mineral Resources]

INSPIRE Application schema: Mineral Resources - [INSPIRE Application schema Mineral Resources]


Definition: Period, or extent in time, of the exploration activity.

Description: The begi
ing of the activity links the TM_Period to the TM_Instant at which it starts. The ending links the TM_Period to the TM_Instant at which it ends. For a variety of reasons, the position of the TM_Instant designated by 'begin' or 'end' may be inderterminate.

Multiplicity: 1

Valuetype: TM_Period

Definition: The type of exploration activity.

Description: EXAMPLE: geological mapping, drilling, geophysical surveys, geochemical mapping, etc.

Multiplicity: 1

Valuetype: ExplorationActivityTypeValue

Definition: The result of the exploration activity.

Multiplicity: 1...*

Valuetype: ExplorationResultValue

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