Current Use - Data type

Definition: This data type enables to detail the current use(s).

INSPIRE Data Theme: Buildings - [INSPIRE Data Theme Buildings]

INSPIRE Application schema: Building Base - [INSPIRE Application schema Building Base]


Definition: The current use.

Description: EXAMPLE: trade

Multiplicity: 1

Valuetype: CurrentUseValue

Definition: The proportion of the real world object, given as a percentage, devoted to this current use.

Description: NOTE: The percentage of use is generally the percentage of floor area dedicated to this given use. If it is not the case, it is recommended to explain what the percentage refers to in metadata (template for additional information)EXAMPLE: 30 (if 30% of the building is occupied by trade activity).

Multiplicity: 1

Stereotypes: voidable

Valuetype: Integer


Type OCL

Status Approved

Note /* The total of all percentages shall be less or equal to 100. */inv: self.percentage.sum()<=100

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