Composition Part - Data type

Definition: The composition of a geologic unit in terms of lithological constituents.

INSPIRE Data Theme: Geology - [INSPIRE Data Theme Geology]

INSPIRE Application schema: Geology - [INSPIRE Application schema Geology]


Definition: The material that comprises part or all of the geologic unit.

Description: This refers to a vocabulary of lithological terms.

Multiplicity: 1

Valuetype: LithologyValue

Definition: Quantity that specifies the fraction of the geologic unit composed of the material.

Multiplicity: 1

Stereotypes: voidable

Valuetype: QuantityRange

Definition: The relationship of the composition part to the geologic unit composition as a whole.

Description: EXAMPLE: vein, interbedded constituent, layers, dominant constituent.

Multiplicity: 1

Valuetype: CompositionPartRoleValue

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